Save Cat Island Felines Seemingly Targeted for Extermination

Target: Shimane Prefectural Police, Japan

Goal: Investigate suspected stray cat poisonings.

A storied locale known as Cat Island is in danger of losing its most famous residents. The Japanese island of Umashima has gained fame for its booming feline population, which has at times outnumbered the region’s human population by three to one. In the past five years, however, the number of cats populating Umashima has dropped an alarming 60 percent. Local residents and authorities suspect foul play.

Locals recently discovered fish strewn about the lands. The food drew suspicion because it appeared to contain a strange blue substance. More troubling still, stray cats were found near the mysterious fish acting strangely. Authorities are now testing the fish for poison. An area television station claims they interviewed a man who allegedly admitted to leaving laced fish for nuisance crows.

Many doubt these claims, as the region is not known to host a large crow population. Residents and many experts alike believe these occurrences show a clear and present intent to harm and perhaps eradicate this land’s cat population. Authorities have a suspect, and now they need to act.

Sign this petition to demand law enforcement protect its beloved animal inhabitants and investigate anyone potentially trying to harm them.


Dear Shimane Prefectoral,

“There’s no doubt that an outside, human element, such as animal cruelty, is causing it.” These are the words of the man who helped neuter Umashima’s stray cats. He, better than anyone, knows that some residents may have ill will towards these animals. And he, more than anyone, suspects that the drastic drop in Umashima’s cat population is not due to human intervention of the humane variety.

For the few dozen residents of this locale, these felines are like an extended family. Residents have expressed outrage that anyone would deliberately harm their fellow community members. Local authorities are analyzing suspicious food found about the land, and a local has allegedly even confessed to leaving this poisoned meat.

Please assist in this investigation and exhaust all avenues in finding the truth. If foul play is involved, take the proper measures. Ensure the safety and protection of all island residents.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Thomas Peter

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