Make Railway Travel More Accessible

Target: The Right Honourable Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Goal: Make travel via the railways more easily affordable and accessible in the United Kingdom.

Recent studies have shown that air travel is very dangerous to the environment. Taking a plane releases nearly 200 kilograms of carbon dioxide, while the train is a mere 24kg. With the United Kingdom’s population growing more concerned with the climate crisis, the railways are the most eco-friendly mode of travel available.

Unfortunately, train ticket prices are at least three times the cost of a plane ticket. As a result, the railways are less accessible to most people. Working or middle class citizens lack the funds for expensive travel due to the budgetary concerns of daily life. This leads to many opting for the air, despite the carbon footprints left by planes; this makes travel nearly impossible for most people.

We must push for more affordable train fare across the UK. Trains are known to be much safer and ecologically sound than most modes of travel, especially air travel. Sign this petition to pressure the government to lower railway ticket prices and encourage more eco-friendly travel.


Dear Prime Minister Johnson,

Recent studies have shown that railway travel is more eco-friendly than air travel, but people continue to rely on airlines due to their lower costs. The train releases the lowest amount of carbon dioxide into the air, while a plane releases nearly 200 kilograms. Unfortunately, plane tickets are three times cheaper.

You must make the railways more affordable and accessible. The United Kingdom’s carbon footprint is currently among the biggest in the world, with many citizens and environmentalist groups seeking to lessen it. Railway travel is safe, reliable, and much more eco-friendly than airline travel. Please help to lower the cost of train tickets, to encourage safe and eco-friendly travel.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Duncan Harris

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