Protect Kampala’s Homeless Children – ForceChange

Target: Erias Lukwago, Lord Mayor of Kampala

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Goal: Protect homeless children from abuse and extortion.

Over 600 homeless children in Kampala, Uganda were rounded up, beaten, and resettled by authorities in a horrific and violent attempt to rid the streets of homeless youth. Demand that Kampala’s homeless children be supported, not subjected to the violent blows of police batons.

Homelessness is an epidemic in Kampala, and round-ups are common. However, instead of helping the children, authorities attack them, humiliate them, and extort them. These actions do not bring the cycle of homelessness to an end, but perpetuate it.

These children must be treated with compassion, dignity, and respect. They shouldn’t be thrown into overcrowded detention centers, but compassionate facilities and homes where experts can help them find the resources they need to get off the streets once and for all. Sign the petition to demand that this violent crackdown on homeless youth come to an end.


Dear Lord Mayor Lukwago,

Hundreds of homeless children have been beaten, extorted, and rounded up by authorities in an effort to rid the streets of homeless youth. However, these violent actions are not ending homelessness. They are instilling fear in children and perpetuating a cycle of abuse, poverty, and violence.

These children do not deserve beatings. They deserve a loving family. They deserve compassion and dignity. They deserve a society that roots for them, not waits for them to disappear. I demand you end the abuse of your nation’s homeless youth.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: USAID in Africa

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