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Today was like no other day I have ever experienced; because, for the first time in my life I woke up on my birthday as a woman, legally and proud to be here. I was immediately surprised by my wife my mother and my children coming into the bedroom at Oh so early “To Me”. They all began to sing happy birthday to me and congratulated me to be a woman. I was hardly awake but I was really thrilled to hear such happiness from them. That was just the start of the day.

Immediately after waking up they put these lay upon me and told me I had to wear them all day long. They are very cute pink lays, but while they are cute they do get in the way of everything. That’s ok, it’s my birthday and I am legally a woman.

I know I still have to go and get my surgeries, and everyone who claps for me will help me get closer to my goal of saving up for getting them all done, but for now, I will just have to settle for the hormones I am on. Anyways, enough of me worrying about the surgeries when today it’s my birthday J.

The day continued on, and while it was mostly uneventful for most people, I did get the chance to write some stuff on the computer, oh wait that’s what I am writing now of course. Although, I did post several pictures on my twitter page about my birthday and even a short little video that was cute, at least to me.

Naomi La’fae 34 Birthday as a Woman

Later that day, I was happy because I was enjoying the time with my wife, and relaxing today but most of all the cake was coming. I knew my mom was working really hard on making that cake just for me. Now she still misgenders me from time to time, but she really tries hard to get it right. Although she made the cutest cake in the world because it was one just for me a cake not only to celebrate my birthday but to show appreciation of my gender. It was so pink and so girly it was amazing, and yes I girl’d out when I saw it and threw my hands together and just well, overwhelmed and didn’t know how to handle it. Here is the beautiful cake that was made for me, I just want everyone to see it.

I received many different gifts and was overjoyed with all the amazing things that I experienced while having my birthday party. I mean who wouldn’t because it’s so girly and “WOW” is the only word for it. I love my family for doing this and it’s so pleasing to be accepted by some of the family that is closest to me.

34th birthday cake for Naomi La’fae

Finally who I am

Ok enough with the excitement of being overjoyed from being my birthday let me tell you something about transgender people in general. Many of us just want to be who we have been all along, whether we are intersex, cross-dressers, drag, or trans-men and women. We just want to be accepted for who we are and not because we need approval but because we need to be happy too just like any other person out there.

Being able to express ourselves has been something that people have encouraged for a long time, but when they are too far out there for someone to handle, people tend to get really offensive and say that it’s unacceptable. Honestly, people just want to be happy no matter whom they are and being who you want to be is completely ok, I understand and love who you are, but many other people out there will too.

I am a trans-woman, and I have legally gotten my gender changed on my state driver licenses and I am proud of it. I know I have more things to change but I am getting there and I will complete my full change into a beautiful woman. Money seems to be the biggest thing holding many people back like me but in time I will pass to the point where others will not see me as Trans but as a female like the rest. I understand that I will still be Trans, but at least I will be female.

Enjoy your first birthday as a woman, man, or anything else you identify with after you have come out to the world about your true self. Be proud like I am about being perfect just the way you are.

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