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Target: Alireza Avayi, Minister of Justice, Iran

Goal: Release eight environmentalists from violent detainment.

Eight environmentalists have been detained in Iran for over 18 months. They have not been charged and no evidence points to their alleged crimes of espionage and treason. Now, two of the eight living detainees are on hunger strikes. One detainee has previously died in detention. Demand that these individuals be released before more lives are lost.

For over 550 days, these professors and scientists have been detained without any due process. They have allegedly been physically and psychologically tortured. They wait in legal limbo under intense government supervision. They cannot communicate with family and no medical aid is given to them.

These actions on the part of Iran’s government and intelligence agency are a severe breach of international human rights that must be brought to an end. Sign the petition to demand that Iran release these innocent environmentalists from their brutal and abusive detainment.


Dear Minister Avayi,

Eight environmentalists in your nation have been detained for over 18 months without medical care or visits from loved ones. They face no charges, only unfounded accusations of espionage. They are allegedly being tortured and abused.

The violent treatment of these professors and scientists is a serious breach of international human rights. One of them has already died and two are slowly dying as they embark on hunger strikes. I demand you end this torture, respect the rule of law, and release these detainees from prison.


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Photo Credit: Adam Jones

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