Demand Justice for Dogs Reportedly Killed in Animal Shelter

Target: John L. Belatti, City Prosecutor of Mesa, Arizona

Goal: Get justice for dogs allegedly killed and mistreated in Mesa animal shelter.

The owner of an animal shelter in Mesa, Arizona was arrested for horrible conditions for the animals in his care. Around 100 dogs were seized by local police, and several of the dogs lost their lives because of these alleged conditions. Dozens more received medical treatment and are being rehabilitated, but the impact of these apparent horrors will always stick with these poor animals.

Dominic Anthony Asprella is awaiting trial after being charged with over 100 crimes, including intentional mistreatment, animal cruelty, failure to provide medical treatment, and a felony for a fraudulent scheme. In order to ensure that Asprella is punished for his alleged crimes, we need to make our voices heard to the city prosecutor. Cruelty to animals is one of the worst crimes a person can commit, and the animals who lost their lives and others who were permanently damaged by these alleged conditions deserve real justice.


Dear Mr. Belatti,

Animal cruelty is one of the most abhorrent crimes a person can commit. These animals rely solely on us for protection, support, and love, and it takes a truly despicable person to mistreat an animal. Dominic Anthony Asprella was charged with over 100 crimes, but it is imperative that he receive the harshest punishment for these crimes, if convicted.

Far too often, people who mistreat animals are let off with light sentences, or worse, probation. As city prosecutor, you have it in your power to advocate for real justice for these animals, and to make sure that the guilty party goes away for a long time. Every case of animal cruelty should be a warning to other potential animal abusers that they will not get off easy.

Do everything in your power to get real justice for these animals. A slap on the wrist won’t do when it comes to abusing animals.


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Photo Credit: Miguel+

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