Hayley Kiyoko is a lesbian schoolgirl witch in new music video

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Hayley Kiyoko in the music video for I Wish | Photo: YouTube/Hayley Kiyoko

At the beginning of the new Hayley Kiyoko music video, a schoolgirl runs up a flight of stairs. She emerges into a room where a group of girls — including Kiyoko — are seated on the floor in a circle. Donning a plaid school uniform, Kiyoko bemoans: ‘It’s like I don’t exist to her anymore.’

What’s a girl to do when her crush has become distant?

Well, if you and your friends are witches, the obvious answer is to brew and drink a potion to wipe your crush from your mind. Which is exactly what Kiyoko does in her new video and song, I Wish.

First Hayley Kiyoko was Lesbian Jesus, now she’s a lesbian witch

The song and video are Kiyoko’s first releases since her Expectations LP last year.

Once Kiyoko takes the potion and faints, the midtempo pop number kicks in. The video, self-directed by Kiyoko, is primarily a dance number, something that has been prevalent in most of Kiyoko’s music videos.

She and her friends, all in matching uniforms, stomp, lean on one another, and pop their hips to the music. Some of the moves are downright eerie, involving crab walks and contortion.

Fans were thrilled over the release of the new video, which Kiyoko had been teasing on social media for the past couple of weeks.

In the early hours of Thursday (18 July), the day of the video’s release, Kiyoko published this emotional tweet:

‘You inspire me to push and challenge myself with every project. Thank you for cheering me on and I’m so excited to see where this next chapter leads us…we keep climbing. love you ❤️’

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