26 Reasons I Take Joy in Being Trans – Rachel Anne Williams

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Sometimes the silver lining shines brightest

I’ve written plenty about the pain of being trans. The trials and tribulations of transition. The agony of dysphoria. The always-present fear in public places and the pressures of discrimination.

But I also take great joy in being trans. Here are 26 reasons why I take joy in being trans

1. I got to choose my own name

2. I got to choose to live authentically

3. I get to enjoy ambiguity

4. I make my own destiny

5. I get to play with gender

6. I get to see clearly the absurdities of the gender system

7. I got to come out of the closet

8. I get to experience the joy of temporarily relieving gender dysphoria

9. I get to be a part of a community of amazing people

10. I got a chance to recreate my body in the image I chose

11. I get to experience the joy of t4t relationships

12. I get the joy of knowing I’m on the right side of history

13. I get to contribute to a thriving culture

14. I don’t let other people define my gender

15. I get to participate in the diversity of the LGBT community

16. I get to enjoy the benefits of great allies

17. I get to enjoy contributing to the destruction of toxic cis normativity

18. I get to be a possibility model for young trans people and closeted trans people

19. I get to experience the joy of chosen family

20. I get to tell my own narrative

21. I get to travel on a journey of self-becoming

22. I get to experience deep introspective knowledge of my own identity

23. I don’t have to be in a box

24. I get to have the unique perspective of walking on both sides of the gender fence

25. I get to have the joy of challenging the gender binary every day

26. I get to truly express myself

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