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Season 3 spoilers ahead — — — — — — — — — –

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Will Byers is not gay. He could be. But I hope he isn’t.

What no one thinks about is that maybe Will Byers is asexual? He’s not even interested in anyone, not even a guy as we see in the series, and feels no pressure to even get a significant other, he just wants to play DnD with his friends.

For those that are not familiar, Asexual means that you don’t experience sexual attraction to someone.

You’re probably wondering, “But why would he, he’s a kid anyway?” Exactly. They’re all kids. And yet Mike and Ell are smooching up a storm. Because they have that attraction.

If Will Byers was asexual, that would be even more momentous to the LGBTQIA community as representation than just being gay, because asexuality is still seen as extremely taboo even today. It is not accepted by a lot of folks in the LGBTQIA community, and that’s because people just don’t understand it. It’s not libido, asexual folks can still kiss people, have s*x with people, and touch them. They aren’t touch repulsed. They just don’t have that attraction to anyone. They don’t look at anyone and think they’re ‘hot’. It’s more nuanced to them than that.

Asexual folks typically want to know their significant other’s personality, how they are romantically and other traits before getting into a relationship with them. It’s not trusting issues either, it’s just how they feel.

Throughout the series, Will rolls his eyes at all his friend’s relationships, choosing to rather play the game they used to all play together. The relationships as best friends that he had with them was deteriorating, and this made him extremely frustrated, as we see in the episode where he destroys his childhood hideout.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if Will Byers is asexual and I think it’s about time that asexuality gets some representation in media, as well trans characters, intersex characters, and nonbinary characters, instead of just a token gay character.

(These are all my opinions, I am not here to take away from your “Stranger Things Expertise”)

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