So Long, Dearie! (14) – Sean Stephane Martin

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So, not to be interrupting things, but this is where your humble narrator steps in with a few observations…

You probably noticed that the boys have changed a bit this night. It’s for two reasons. We’ll talk about the easier one first: they’d had pretty much the same look for almost fifteen years, and it was time for a change. Their hair in particular was starting to bother me: everyone else was getting a makeover that nudged them a little closer to “real”, but these guys clung to their 2003 look like a puppy with a towel. And it was time.

The second is a little harder to explain, so let’s kinda work through it a bit together. These were introduced, as you know, as the “fantasy” versions the boys have of each other. But with what happened in the barn last night, they’ve taken that fantasy into the real world. No, they’re not six-two truck drivers and this is not the Arizona desert. Doc is still a writer and Ray is still a construction worker… but the core of that fantasy has propelled Raider in particular for over twenty years, an acknowledgement of what turns his crank — and now Doc is right there with him to put the key in that ignition.

Granted, these are people who, from the beginning, have never shied away from things. But with Ray finally letting Doc in on this last part of his private world — and doing it for fear of losing the opportunity altogether — something has changed for both of them. If that means something basic and elemental about their relationship has changed as well, nothing holds them back. Or, as my adoptive grandmother was fond of saying, “Honey, there’s no anchor on your ass.”

Now, you’re probably wondering, what happened in that barn last night? Dear Reader, that is up to you. Whatever deep-seated fantasy you might have, whatever dark escapade you’ve never told a living soul for fear it would come across as strange or weird or eww-icky, these boys ran with it, just for you. So let your imagination also run wild and then — just as my guys have done — accept it as part of who and what you are.

We have a few more things to do to wrap this up, but I wanted to just butt in a bit in case anyone was saying, “Huh? Who are these two now?” 🙂

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