Demand the Resignation of Judge Who Refused Rape Victim’s Justice

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Target: James Troiano, Superior Court Judge, Monmouth County, N.J.

Goal: Resign from the Superior Court after denying justice for rape victim.

Superior Court Judge James Troiano refused a woman’s fight for justice because the accused rapist was from a “good family” and attended an “excellent school.” The judge made the decision to not try the accused rapist as an adult, despite the fact that he posted video on social media with the text “when your first time having sex is rape.”

Judge James Troiano needs to resign. An alleged rapist is on his own video committing the reported crime, and yet he may get away with no real punishment. The idea that coming from a good family or attending a quality school makes you immune to prosecution is not only absurd, but dangerous. We need to send the message to potential rapists that you will be brought to justice for your horrible acts, regardless of who you are related to or where you go to school.

The judge in question is an embarrassment to our legal system. The only solution is to demand his resignation. A person who lets alleged rapists get away without punishment has no place on any court in the United States.


Dear Mr. Troiano,

It is time to resign, and to never practice law again. Letting an alleged rapist get away with his crime because he comes from a “good family” and attends an “excellent school” is not acceptable. Women are raped every day around the world. As a judge, you should be working to get justice for the victims, not facilitating a potential rapist. Letting any alleged rapist with such strong evidence go without punishment will only lead to future victims.

You are not fit to serve as a judge on any court in the United States. If you have even the slightest modicum of a conscience or self-respect, you will do the only right thing and resign. A judge who actually cares about rape victims needs to be taking your place on the court. The days of rapists getting away with their horrible crimes needs to come to an end, and for this to happen, men like you need to stop practicing any form of law.


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