Ban Circus Animals Before Tragedy Strikes Again

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Target: Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, President of Italy’s Senate

Goal: Prevent needless deaths and support circus animal ban.

Another Italian animal trainer was mauled to death by a circus tiger, bringing the total number of recent circus animal-related deaths in southern Italy to four. Law enforcement responded by taking eight tigers away from the site of the most recent incident. Protesters fear these animals will be killed as punishment, which will not even address the root of the problem. Activists demand nothing less than a country-wide ban on circus animals.

While legislation may already be under consideration in the Italian parliament, an expected slow-walk of any meaningful action could mean more tragedy for both human trainers and the helpless tigers who are only acting on their natural instincts. Italy remains one of a dwindling number of European holdouts in placing much stronger restrictions on circus animal use. A previous ban effort in 2017 ultimately died in parliament, thanks in large part to outcries from circus organizations.

The same fate cannot happen to this important legislation. Sign the petition below to demand Italian leaders put the welfare of living beings above business interests.


Dear Ms. Casellati,

In 2017, an important piece of animal welfare legislation withered away in parliament. Two years later, four Italians are dead as a result. The animals involved will likely pay the price for the recent spate of circus tiger maulings. The real responsibility, however, rests on the shoulders of those human beings who did nothing when clear action was needed.

Tigers are natural predators. They should be free to roam in the wild where they will not be unfairly punished and executed for acting on their most fundamental survival instincts. Italy’s executive leadership has pledged urgent and decisive action if another circus ban bill should come to pass. Make the right decision this time.

Lives depend on it.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson

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