Demand Media Drop Sex Trafficker-Linked Pundit

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Target: Porter Berry, FOX News Digital VP

Goal: Drop partnership with popular pundit linked to alleged sex trafficker.

Hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein was arrested following a decade-long investigation into alleged sex trafficking of young women and girls. One of his confidantes, Alan Dershowitz, was implicated in at least one alleged incident at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion – and is a contributor at Fox News. Demand Fox and other outlets remove this connected—and conflicted—man from programming.

Eleven years ago, Epstein received a deal in which he offered authorities information in exchange for leniency – in fact, he was allowed out of prison most days of the week to manage his business affairs throughout his brief sentence. Attorney and on-air pundit Alan Dershowitz vigorously defended Epstein ever since, but reports directly implicate Dershowitz as being present for several alleged incidents underlying the latest arrest.

Given his conflict of interest as a witness to egregious alleged abuse, Dershowitz should not be speaking on Fox News; any statements he makes serve his own interests as someone tied to Epstein’s alleged conduct. Demand Fox and others cease allowing Dershowitz to profit from defending himself on-air.


Dear Vice President Berry,

Alan Dershowitz has had a prolific academic career. But after Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest, with reports placing Dershowitz at the scene of multiple alleged crimes, he is a conflicted party. We demand he be removed from on-air commentary during Epstein’s legal proceedings.

For years, Dershowitz has defended his friend and longtime associate from accusations of sexual misconduct. He seemed to be vindicated after Epstein’s non-prosecution agreement more than a decade ago, suggesting Epstein had not engaged in as-serious wrongdoing as had been suggested. Epstein’s arrest and the reported details of Dershowitz’s presence at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion and other possible crime scenes, changes everything. Allowing Dershowitz to continue commenting on these matters on-air would mean allowing him to shift perceptions of his involvement, possibly altering the case – and it would also mean allowing him to profit from defending himself and his friend.

We insist you keep Dershowitz off-air, at minimum, until Epstein’s case is resolved.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Fox Corp.

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