Resources You Should Know for Diversity + Inclusion

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Throughout the week we’ve shared stories from amazing individuals boldly embracing diversity and inclusion as part of our Great Big Voices special.

Today, we’re expanding the list of voices by proudly highlighting a handful of organizations and nonprofit institutions working daily to offer services, support, studies, and education to those interested in learning about diversity and inclusion.

Check out the resources below and let us know on Twitter how you’re being an ally for diversity and inclusion using the hashtag “#GreatBigVoices.”

A nonprofit organization that empowers the LGBTQ+ youth community all around the world. It Gets Better wants the community to not feel alone by providing hope and encouragement to all. Over 60,000 videos have been created and shared globally to spread awareness and let people know there is always someone you can connect to and help you get through both the good and the bad times. Watch videos and learn more from inspiring individuals at

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An online guide to teaching the world about local businesses and diverse local communities that support and are owned by women, people of color, veterans and LGBTQ families. The Intentionalist support features the history behind local small businesses and offers consumers opportunities to #spendlikeitmatters while forging impactful connections with the business owners themselves.

Local small business makes our communities better. Plain and simple. Head to their website to see a directory of SMB’s in your neighborhood and start making a difference today!

For Pride Month, The Intentionalist launched a campaign called “Small Business. Big Pride” highlighting small LGBTQ-owned businesses. The campaign features stories and event listings, including a “Guide to Pride” with “5 LGTBQ-owned businesses you know and 5 LGTBQ-owned businesses you should know”. Additionally, The Intentionalist launched special videos focusing on inspirations from the LGBTQ community.

Watch last week’s story here

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Integrate Advisors is a nonprofit organization that works to employ individuals on the autism spectrum across all industries. It helps by training employers on how to create inclusive environments where college graduates with autism can gain competitive skillsets required to excel in the workforce. Integrate Advisors offers resources, employment services, training seminars/workshops and education for job seeking candidates as well as employers. Learn more about how to bring Integrate to your business or become a qualified candidate by visiting:

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Dreammaker 3D is a nonprofit production company that provides resources and development opportunities for the next generation of leaders. Through its Phenomenal Girls Club, Dreammaker 3D offers leadership, learning and lifelong friendship opportunities for girls of color throughout the New York metropolitan area. Additionally, Dreammaker 3D hosts an annual speaker series featuring leading creatives from across the industry and this year it will convene for its first Film Festival in Brooklyn to promote filmmakers of color. Dreammaker 3D’s goal: “Art is gonna save the world.” Learn more at

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She Geeks Out is an organization that empowers women in the workplace. SGO helps women in tech and tech-adjacent companies through networking opportunities, events and an online members community. They provide workshops, resources, corporate training programs, and events focused around diversity and inclusion and are dedicated to giving back by donating to local charities supporting underserved girls in STEM! Learn more about this amazing organization here

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The National Diversity Council supports the creation of inclusive and diverse communities around the world. For 15 years, the National Diversity Council focuses

on the many benefits and dimensions of multicultural environments. It convenes councils globally to support people of all backgrounds and hosts conversations around the sensitive topics often holding back companies from creating diverse and inclusive workplaces. The National Diversity Council empowers employees to achieve their full potential and believes in diversity as a competitive advantage. Learn how to get involved at

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About Great Big Voices

Great Big Voices is a series that highlights diverse individuals that are progressing towards change in meaningful ways. Each of these people has big and brave ideas and are looking to empower everyone around them. These individuals show us that we have the ability to make a difference in the world one step at a time. Great Big Voices highlights individuals who are sick of being told that “it cannot be done!” By creating actions and global change to differ the status quo is showing how we are BRAVE.

Great Big Story shines a light on these extraordinary individuals, by telling untold and unique stories. We have the responsibility to tell the world all of the amazing things they are doing and how they have given a voice to many other individuals and communities around the world. We give them the opportunity to tell their stories and make an amazing impact on a world that needs to be changed! Watch our videos here

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