Stand Up for Freedom and Independence in Under-Siege Territory

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Target: Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of Hong Kong

Goal: Protect the free will and independence of Hong Kong citizens.

Hong Kong protesters draped in black are not mourning; they stand ready to fight for their independence. Residents by the hundreds of thousands braved tear gas and ‘riot’ labels so they could rally against a highly contentious extradition law. For these protesters, the law represents a growing Chinese intrusion on Hong Kong’s civil liberties and its very existence.

The region of some eight million is a former British territory that was ‘handed over’ to China decades ago. This transition came with an agreement of independent laws, governance, and liberties for Hong Kong, however. While the relationship between China and the territory has always retained some degree of tension, China’s tightening grip on Hong Kong seems to have escalated since the ascension of the Communist Xi regime.

The controversial new law would have allowed for the extradition of Hong Kong citizens to mainland China. These citizens would then be left vulnerable to a justice system many see as unjust and prone to political persecution. This move would only grow China’s influence and reinforce the notion that Hong Kong and its citizens are under a virtual Chinese dictatorship.

Despite police aggression, protests were largely peaceful. Many activists even picked up trash and made way for medical personnel to navigate through the packed streets. These individuals simply want autonomy. A complete cancellation of the insidious extradition law would be a strong symbolic show of solidarity, but so far Hong Kong leadership has only committed to delaying the explosive bill.

Sign this petition to support these embattled citizens in their bid for self-determination.


Dear Ms. Lam,

“It’s a massive repudiation of the idea that Hong Kong will be effectively, over time, fully absorbed into mainland China.” This quote by a journalist encapsulates the heart of the extradition bill debate. You are cognizant of these issues. You have seen first-hand for days the impact of these complex issues on your people.

For all the complexities, the demands of these citizens are really quite simple and fundamental. They want this divisive bill scrapped. They want their government to demonstrate that it supports its people and their free will. Do not dismiss these rallying voices as rioters or agitators. They represent a sizeable portion of your citizenry, and they speak for many more freedom-seeking individuals worldwide.

Listen to them. Join them and abolish a bill that defies every value they embody.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Studio Incendo

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