End Deforestation & Halt the Heat Wave in Cambodia

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Target: Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia

Goal: Bring an end to deforestation to protect Cambodia from dangerous heatwave.

A dangerous heatwave, caused by deforestation, is settling across Cambodia. Cambodia experienced its hottest season on record, with an average temperature of over 110 degrees. Deforestation must be brought to an end, before these heat waves become the norm.

Although the Cambodian government does not endorse the idea that deforestation is leading to the nation’s high temperatures, science does. Through the increased emission of CO2 and the change in water cycles, deforestation plays a large role in the drastic change in temperatures.

With one of the highest deforestation rates in the world, it is time that the government of Cambodia intervene and bring deforestation to an end. Logging bans are not enough, not if they’re not enforced. Demand that the government of Cambodia enact tougher regulations to combat deforestation and the dangerous effects that come with it.


Dear Prime Minister Sen,

As deforestation rises, so do temperatures in Cambodia. Cambodia experienced one of its hottest seasons on record, and temperatures don’t appear to be falling anytime soon…not if illegal logging and other encroachments rob the nation of its lush, green forests.

Science has proven time and again that deforestation plays a role in increasing temperatures, through CO2 and water cycles. For how long will Cambodia ignore science? Until it’s too late? I demand you enact tougher regulations on deforestation to bring this heat wave to an end.


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Photo Credit: blatant world

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