Brutally Murdered Cat Deserves Justice

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Target: Beth McCann, District Attorney for Denver, Colorado

Goal: Punish the person who maliciously killed a beloved family cat.

A beloved family pet was brutally slain in a disturbing case of animal cruelty. The cat’s injuries point to a malicious and gruesome human attack. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

“She didn’t want me to have that image in my head as the last thing I saw of my cat. So, I’m guessing it was pretty bad,” stated Terri Kimrey, Charlie’s owner. She noticed the orange tabby cat missing early in the morning and received a knock on her door from an animal protection officer shortly thereafter. Charlie’s body had been found only a block away, his collar and a pile of bloody fur-covered rocks resting nearby.

Though motives are unclear, Denver Animal Protection investigators suspect that a human committed this atrocious attack and that more innocent animals could be in danger if the perpetrator goes free. Sign below and demand that the person responsible for Charlie’s death be prosecuted and punished to fullest extent of the law.


Dear District Attorney McCann,

The gruesome murder of a family cat has put fear into the hearts of local residents. Charlie, a beloved orange tabby, was found dead in a local park with injuries suggesting malicious intent. I demand that justice be served in this case.

Terri Kimrey was heartbroken when an animal protection officer knocked on her door to confirm her worst fear. Charlie, Kimrey’s recently adopted cat, had been brutally murdered and dumped in a park just a block from her home. The scene was so disturbing that witnesses contacted the police on sight. Charlie’s collar lay beside his lifeless body and a pile of bloody fur-covered rocks were also found nearby.

Those who commit these atrocities are often dangerous to other animals and sometimes even people. I demand that you prosecute this person and seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Denver Animal Protection

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