Success: City Goes Clean and Banishes Big Polluters


Target: Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City

Goal: Encourage city-wide cuts to environmentally destructive carbon emissions.

The major urban cities most at risk from pollution may be leading the way in making the Green New Deal a reality. New York City has remained a frequent target for stronger pollution standards, as outlined in this ForceChange petition.  NYC’s mayor listened and announced a promising plan he proclaims as “New York City’s Green New Deal.”

A fixture of the plan focuses on one of the city’s main carbon emissions drivers: its large high-rise buildings. The plan will require building owners to take more energy-efficient measures with a goal of slashing carbon emissions from these buildings by 40 percent within the next ten years. Glass buildings that drain energy would be phased out, and all government facilities would convert to clean energy sources.

These benchmarks reflect a more wide-ranging drive to reduce carbon emissions citywide to an impressive 80 percent by 2050. Other measures such as congestion pricing that curtails vehicle emissions will help achieve the goal. The heart of this effort rests in a commitment to combat “the climate crisis and deepened inequality.”

Sign this petition to support the most ambitious climate plan of any major American city to date.


Dear Mayor de Blasio,

Thank you for taking decisive, meaningful action on climate change at a time when most of the country and the world still stands stagnant. The fact that you included Green New Deal goals in a report entitled “Building a Strong and Fair City” demonstrates that you recognize the urgency and importance of confronting this issue with all available resources. NYC transit systems, parks, public health, and so much more are at stake.

As you stated, “there’s no time to waste.” Action is essential “before it’s too late.” Let New York City—as it always has—stand as a torch-bearer for America at its best, most resilient, and most determined.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: George Garrigues

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