Save Seas From Metal Poisoning


Target: His Excellency Donald Tusk, President of the European Council

Goal: Save Europe’s seas from deadly saturation by heavy metals and chemicals.

Eighty-seven percent of Europe’s seas are contaminated with a cocktail of heavy metals and various dangerous chemicals. Despite efforts being made to decrease these levels with greater controls on the way chemicals are used, great amounts of damage are still being done.

Drug companies come out with new pharmaceuticals every day, the excesses of which are improperly disposed of and end up contaminating the water. These contaminants seep into the flesh of fatty fish such as salmon and herring, making them unsuitable food sources for humans or any animals that feed on them. It is believed that these contaminants are the cause of low fertility rates in men across the continent, as well as neurological disorders.

We must hasten the effort to save Europe’s seas from contamination for the safety of humans and sea life alike. Sign this petition to increase restrictions on chemical and heavy metal disposal, to keep them out of the waters.


Dear Your Excellency Tusk,

Despite the efforts of Europe’s environmental watchdogs, Europe’s seas continue to be polluted by heavy metals and chemicals. Metals from coal-fired plants still find their way into the seas, despite the closure of many such plants. Drug companies come out with new products every day and do not dispose their excess stock properly. These contaminants are believed to lower fertility rates and to cause neurological problems; studies have also shown that they seep into the flesh of certain fish eaten by humans and other mammals.

You must increase the restrictions on chemical and heavy metal disposals. Clean water is vital to the survival of all living beings, and these companies cannot continue their careless habits. You must help us save Europe’s seas from further contamination.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Vinay Deep

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