Protect the World’s Smallest Porpoise from Extinction


Target: Josefa González Blanco Ortiz Mena, Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, Mexico

Goal: Protect the world’s smallest porpoise from imminent extinction.

With only 10 to 15 left on Earth, the world’s smallest porpoise, the vaquita, is the most endangered marine animal in the world. It can disappear from the planet entirely by 2020. Something must be done to protect the “little sea cow” before it becomes nothing more than a memory.

The vaquita survives in only one habitat: the Sea of Cortez. Gillnets, nylon fishing nets, are killing the species. They become bycatch tangled in the nets and tragically drown. Illegal trafficking of some fish like the totoaba has directly harmed the vaquita. By taking down the traffickers and putting an end to the lucrative totoaba industry, fishermen will no longer go after the fish, or the vaquita, with their nets.

Sign the petition to demand that serious action be taken against the traffickers putting the vaquita in peril. The only way to bring this problem to an end is to look at where it starts.


Dear Secretary Mena,

The vaquita is one of the most endangered marine species in the world. With only 10 to 15 of the small porpoises left, they can disappear entirely by 2020. To lose this species would be a tragedy.

A majority of the porpoises have been killed by fishing nets in the illegal fish trade. If you end the illegal trade, you can better protect the lives of the vaquita. I demand swift action to protect the “little sea cow” from imminent extinction.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: semarnat

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