Protect the Endangered American Bumblebee from Extinction


Target: Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Canada

Goal: Protect the American bumblebee from extinction and help rebuild its habitat.

The American bumblebee is facing imminent extinction in the nation of Canada. The species has declined in number and range faster than any other bee species. Something must be done to protect this very important figure of our environment’s health.

Compared to other bee species in Canada, the American bumblebee has decreased by 89 percent. They used to be found across the nation, but have since become isolated to specific areas. The loss of grassland, an influx of invasive species, and climate change are leading the species to death.

Something must be done to protect this species. Should the bees disappear, so too shall fruits, flowers, and an entire ecosystem. Demand that action be taken to protect the American bumblebee.


Dear Minister McKenna,

The American bumblebee is one of the most endangered bees in Canada. It has decreased by over 89 percent and has lost considerable habitat. If the bees disappear, so too should fruits and flowers. An entire ecosystem relies on this small insect.

Action must be taken now to rebuild the bee’s habitat and help bring the species back to life. Please protect the rare American bumblebee from imminent extinction.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Lance Cheung

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