Stop reporting to Americans that Christians are the most persecuted group in the world.


In light of the terrorist attacks at churches in Sri Lanka, some outlets, including my local news outlet ran a story claiming that Christians were the most prosecuted group in the world.

Yes, I do agree that in various third world countries and in a lot of Middle Eastern countries that is the case. Reporting it to a privileged Christian audience in America will just condone more their persecution complex.

This article is by no means an attack on all Christians. I was raised a Christian myself and consider myself a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church but I know a lot of fundamentalist Christians in my life because I was raised by one, I went to strict Baptist church growing up (they were a branch of Independent Baptist).

In my experience as well as history has shown us that these Christians in particular have been the biggest fighters of progress in our country. They’ve done everything from forcibly shut up people of various backgrounds who don’t identify as Christian. They have slowed down progress for the LGBTQ community as well as the scientific and educational communities.

They have a full-on hegemony in America. Their values and culture even seep into secular culture. Almost all of the major holidays that we celebrate in America is to raise their privileged profiles. The most concerning fact of the hegemony is that politicians, especially the Republicans declare themselves Christians and attempt to force Christian morality on a nation that is supposed to keep church and state separate.

There’s such a xenophobic view of non-Christians in America that even non-Christian politicians are persecuted. Republican Law Maker, Borowicz of Pennsylvania made this xenophobia quite clear when she prayed during Johnson-Harrell’s swearing in.

Even in the third world nations where you will hear about the persecutions, a lot of those nations were invaded by Christians trying to convert people to their religion and way of life.

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