“Freedom, Security, Democracy”, The Bumper Sticker Montra Of Pete Buttgieg

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South Bend, Indiana mayor, Pete Buttgieg, has announced his bid into the 2020 presidential election. The 37-year-old official made the announcement Sunday within the tech hub which used to house the Studebaker car factory. Buttgieg would be the youngest and first openly gay president.

The devote Christian worked his way to surpass the quota to earn a spot in the running. The mayor explained his vision is three words and simple enough to fit on a bumper sticker.

“Freedom, security, democracy.”

Buttgieg expressed his beliefs on what is happening in the White House as a “horror show” and our freedom is only a part of a journey.

Our conservative friends care about freedom, but only make it part of the journey [. . .] They only see ‘freedom from,’ freedom from taxes, freedom from regulation … as though government were the only thing that can make you unfree.”

He then continued.

But that’s not true. Your neighbor can make you unfree. Your cable company can make you unfree. There’s a lot more to your freedom than the size of your government.

The Democrat was — at the age of 29 — elected mayor, though, he had taken a leave as he acted as a naval intelligence officer in Afghanistan. Following his reelection term, he came out and has become quite a figurehead.

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