Dog Tied Up and Set on Fire Deserves Justice

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Target: Alfonso Bonafede, Minister of Justice for Italy

Goal: Punish the person who restrained a dog and then lit him on fire.

A dog suffered agonizing burns throughout his tiny body after he was set on fire. The person responsible is still at large. Demand justice in this case.

Police are investigating after a small dog was nearly burned to death. The pup, named Fuego by rescuers, was discovered in a wasteland on the outskirts of Sassari, Italy. An investigation showed that he was tied up, doused in flammable liquid, and set on fire. Rescuers took Fuego to Sassari Veterinary Teaching Hospital, where veterinarians determined that he’d been burned over 15-20 percent of his body. Though he is undergoing extensive therapy to avoid infection and recover, he is still at risk for deterioration and death.

The investigation is ongoing and Sassari police have not announced any suspects at this time. Sign below to demand that the person responsible for this despicable act is prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Minister Bonafede,

A dog endured unthinkable agony after he was doused in flammable liquid and set ablaze. The police are investigating this as a case of animal cruelty. I demand that you prosecute the person responsible for this heinous crime.

Feugo came to Sassari Veterinary Teaching Hospital after he was maliciously set on fire and left for dead in a wasteland. He suffered burns over 15-20 percent of his small body, which led to necrosis. Thankfully, veterinarians have been successful in treating his wounds, thus far, and keeping him out of serious pain. This is good news, but it is also heartbreaking to see this vibrant and trusting dog suffering such agony at the hands of a coldblooded human.

Fuego’s plight has become national news and people all around the country, and now the world, are rooting for the punishment of his abuser. I demand that you prosecute the person responsible and seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Sassari Veterinary Teaching Hospital

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