Stop Selling Deadly Arms to Saudi Arabia

Target: Jeremy Hunt, Foreign Secretary, United Kingdom

Goal: Protect innocent civilians by ending the sale of deadly weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s government is responsible for thousands of deaths across Yemen, killing innocent civilians with arms supplied by nations like the United States and United Kingdom. Meanwhile, Germany has ended the sale of arms to the nation. Demand that the United Kingdom do the same.

The United Kingdom’s government expressed anger when Germany ended arms sales to Saudi Arabia, saying that the country neglected its duties under the “European defense project.” However, should alliance really outweigh human lives?

Sign the petition to demand that the United Kingdom join Germany in ending the sale of deadly arms to Saudi Arabia. Doing so will not only save thousands of lives, but perhaps bring this bloody conflict in Yemen one step closer to a peaceful end. Demand that the nation support human rights.


Dear Secretary Hunt,

Thousands of innocent civilians in Yemen are being killed by weapons supplied by your country. You have the blood of men, women, and children on your hands. While Germany has ended its sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom has not, citing the “European defense project.”

However, isn’t human life more important than a political alliance? Isn’t human life more important than “saving face?” Should you end your arms sales to Saudi Arabia, countless lives can be saved. I demand you follow Germany’s lead and stop selling deadly weapons to Saudi Arabia. Protect human rights.

Sincerely, [Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Almigdad Mojalli

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