Protect LGBTQ Texans from Discrimination

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Target: Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

Goal: Protect the LGBTQ community from harassment and discrimination.

The LGBTQ community in Texas is under attack. If the state’s senate has its way, LGBTQ citizens will be discriminated against in the workplace, in education, and in business. Demand that these recent senate bills be rejected and that the LGBTQ community be granted equal rights under the law.

Two Texas State Senate bills are seeking to roll back local protections granted to LGBTQ citizens in the state’s towns and cities. Non-discrimination protections will be eliminated, making it legal for schools, businesses, and workplaces to reject employment, admission, or sales to members of the LGBTQ community.

Local protections are the only non-discrimination protections the LGBTQ community have in the state. Should these be rolled back, they’ll be vulnerable to mistreatment and harassment. Sign the petition to demand that these bills be rejected.


Dear Governor Abbott,

The LGBTQ community in your state is under attack. Should the senate have its way, discrimination in the workplace, in education, and in business will be legal. You have a duty to protect every single citizen in your state, regardless of race, regardless of gender, and regardless of sexual orientation.

If you let these laws pass, you will be failing in your duty. Without state or federal non-discrimination protections, local protections are the only ones the LGBTQ community has. Don’t rob them of this.


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Photo Credit: Ted Eytan

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