Free Award-Winning Human Rights Defender Dying on Hunger Strike

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Target: Sultan Saeed Al Bad, Minister of Justice, United Arab Emirates

Goal: Free human rights activist before he dies from hunger strike.

A human rights activist sits in prison, his health deteriorating from a long hunger strike. Ahmed Mansoor is an award-winning human rights defender who has starved himself for over a month as he sits in prison in the United Arab Emirates. Demand he be released.

Mansoor faces up to ten years in prison for calling for progressive government reform. He had no access to a lawyer during his trial and authorities have yet to announce where he is being held. He faced physical assault and other violence behind bars. To protest his treatment, he has been starving himself. Now, reports indicate he may be on the brink of death.

Demand that the government of the United Arab Emirates release Mansoor from his inhumane imprisonment. Demand that they allow him to return to his loved ones and his commendable duty.


Dear Sultan Saeed Al Bad,

Award-winning human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor remains in prison, on the brink of death after a month-long hunger strike. Mansoor has been lauded around the world for his advocacy for freedom of speech and expression. However, your government saw this peaceful protest as a threat and subjected him to an unfair trial and imprisonment.

Before his health fails even more, release Mansoor to the care of his family and loved ones. End your abuse of peaceful human rights advocates.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Adam Jones

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