Wyoming Teacher Fired After Reporting Racist, Anti-LGBTQ Flyering Campaign


Substitute teacher Kaycee Cook was fired from McCormick Junior High located in Cheyenne, Wyoming after reporting the distribution of anti-gay and racist flyers. Cook was a co-sponsor of the school’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA).

A student group calling themselves “The Confederate Kid Club,” posted and distributed flyers reading, “It’s great to be straight, it’s not OK to be gay, “Black lives only matter because if it weren’t for them who would pick our cotton,” and “Join the KKK.”

Cook said she received a termination email on Wednesday, March 27 from Principal Jeff Conine. She believes Conine made the decision after she reached out to a local LGBTQ advocacy group.

She told The Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Unfortunately, I think Principal Conine wants to minimize the incident and not see it as a part of a larger trend.”

Cook has garnered support from LGBTQ students, ACLU Wyoming, NAACP’s local chapter, and Wyoming Equality. On March 29, the organizations and supporters gathered together for a “Response of Love” at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church in Cheyenne.

Another community event has been scheduled for Wednesday, April 3 at the Allen Chapel.

The school’s Principal told The Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “I don’t believe this is a prevailing sentiment that exists in the school.” As of today, he has yet to comment on Cook’s termination.






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