How Homophobes Are Supporting Gay People Without Knowing It

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Being homophobe not only means being unable to understand sexual orientation is not a parameter to judge people around us. It also means being incoherent: in fact many homophobes are indirectly supporting gay people without knowing it.

Homophobia always existed among human people. There are various kinds of homophobes you may spot during your life. You will find those who quote the Bible in order to convince you gay people are wrong. You may see other ones who will just say it is a shame gay people are allowed to get married or to kiss their boyfriends in public places. At the same time you may spot violent homophobes who are ready to have a face-to-face with homosexuals and those who prefer to just insult gay couples walking on a road, one second before escaping with their motorbikes at high speed. All of these kinds of people have two things in common. The first one is that they are mentally unable to understand gay people have nothing more or less when compared to heterosexuals. The second one is that they are incredibly incoherent to indirectly support gay people.

The example of animal activists

In order to introduce the argument, I will start writing about an example which has nothing to do with gay people but which can better provide an explanation to the sense of this article. Animal activists usually avoid to eat meat (and sometimes, also products derived from animals) and to pay companies whose main market is based on selling meat-based products (that’s the reason why animal activists even tend to avoid eating vegetarian sandwiches offered by famous fast food companies who mainly sell hamburgers). The sense of what they do is: avoiding to indirectly finance killing of animals by not buying meat-based products and by not giving money to companies whose mainly profit is gained from this activity. By doing this, animal activists are showing coherence for their choice of life.

Here we come back to homophobes. In order to be coherent with their hate sentiment against gay people, they should avoid using services and buying products provided by companies highly known for supporting gay rights.

Homophobes are loyal customers of companies standing for gay rights

Many people use Google everyday to search for information, so also homophobes use it. Also YouTube (which is owned by Google) is well used by them in order to comment videos about LGBT people with insults. All these homophobes, by engaging with Google products and ads showed on them, are contributing to the earnings of one of the most powerful companies in the planet. What they don’t like to know is that Google is one of the most gay-friendly companies you can find in the world. Their corporate policy clearly supports every employee and promotes integration with no racial or sexual differences. Finally Google usually promotes gay prides by participating to them and even has a special name for their LGBT employees: gayglers. They are definitely the last company a homophobe should indirectly finance.

Homophobes using 99% of smartphones in the world are not coherent with their ideas. Half of the most popular phones run Android (always owned by Google), while the other half is dominated by Apple, a company which has taken part to gay prides just like Google and whose CEO, Tim Cook, is even openly gay declared. Want to just rely on Microsoft platform? Bad news too for homophobes, as Microsoft has even made a special code name for their LGBT employees: the GLEAM team (Gay and Lesbian Employees at Microsoft).

What about Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook company)? These social networks are used by most of the people we see around us, also homophobes. Also in this case, people who hate homosexuals engage with insults and bad comments against LGBT communities on the popular social network: in the meantime, they load ads and indirectly support Zuckerberg’s company. Yes, the same company which celebrates LGBT presence inside Facebook with a specific corporate page. The same company which has celebrated approval of gay marriages by the USA Supreme Court, by offering a rainbow filter for profile pictures for a limited time (the same filter was used by Mark Zuckerberg).

The LGBTQ@Facebook page promotes integration of gay people inside Facebook.

So many companies in the world explicitly support LGBT rights, not only those which have been mentioned here. Being a homophobe and being coherent with this mentality not only means avoiding use of technology, of social networks and being completely cut off from services nobody would imagine to live without these days. It means being aware most of the biggest companies (not only those involved in the world of technology) are for LGBT rights. It means being aware also players of their favorite sport teams may be gay. It means being aware that in order to be homophobe and to be coherent with hate sentiment against gays, avoiding getting excited by looking at lesbians while insulting male gays is just the first step: they have to completely stay away from most of the things we can have today in the world: internet, smartphones and social networks are just few of these. I strongly doubt homophobes will be able to show even a little effort in being coherent with their ideas: that’s the reason why homophobia will never be able to win in our world.

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