Netflix Cancels Queer/Latinx Series One Day at a Time


(LOS ANGELES) — The remake of the Norman Lear’s legendary 70s/80s sitcom, One Day at a Time, which premiered on Netflix more than three years ago was canceled today, with Netflix citing on Twitter that the viewership simply was not great enough. The news comes just weeks after the February premiere of the show’s third season, which was met with critical acclaim. The show’s most recent season garnered a 100% approval rating on film critique website, Rotten Tomatoes, and was hailed by many critics as one of the most important installments in the sitcom history as it was an accurate and authentic portrayal of Latinx people that did not pander to negative stereotypes for a laugh.

One Day at a Time followed the Alvarez family, led by mother Penelope Alvarez (played by Justina Machado), lesbian daughter Elena (played by Isabella Gomez), son Alex (played by Marcel Ruiz), apartment building owner and neighbor Schneider (played by Todd Grinnell), and matriarch Lydia (played by Broadway and movie legend Rita Moreno). Developed for Netflix by Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce, the ins-and-outs of the show were similar to Lear’s original CBS sitcom, following a single mother raising her kids. However, in the Netflix adaptation, the originally Anglo family was written as a Cuban-American family living in Los Angeles, with Lupe (Penelope) suffering severe PTSD, depression, and anxiety after her service in the military and the divorce of her drunk and abusive ex-husband. What critics and viewers adored most about the series as it grew was the way that Kellett and Royce introduced a Latinx family not built around stereotypes. For many, the show provided the most accurate portrayal of a Latin family on television — large family gatherings, countless tias y tios, shouting matches that ended in hugs and coming to one another’s defenses, and the fight to prove themselves just as successful and worthy as others.

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But the comedy garnered attention for more than just its loving portrayal of Latinx people. In fact, the show gained an overwhelming queer following after the season one storyline that involved Elena coming out first as bisexual, and eventually a lesbian to her family. Critics noted that brother Alex’s reaction to finding out and helping Elena keep her secret until she was ready was one of the most heartwarming, while also complimenting the very natural way that Lupe coped with her daughter’s queerness. The show carried this storyline throughout all three seasons of the show, and was hailed as the first of its kind to keep a queer story arc at the forefront of a show revolving around Latinos. Throughout the series, we got to see Elena get rejected by her father at her fifteenth birthday — or, quinces — in front of all of her friends and her entire family, watched her meet a nonbinary partner, and turn into an activist for the queer community. The show didn’t just deal with queer and Latinx issues; it also tackled issues that appealed to viewers outside those communities, such as sobriety, mental health, poverty, and more in a way that didn’t write stand-alone episodes where these issues were brought up and resolved in thirty minutes. One of the strong points of the show’s writers was their ability to let these issues grow, progress, and show as parts of the characters’ lives throughout the life of the series.

The cancellation of the show has sparked outrage from fans, especially considering the fact that Netflix chalked up its decision to money vs. viewership after just dropping $100 million to keep white-led sitcom Friends in its repertoire for another year as it prepares to make the transition to Warner Brothers’ new streaming service in 2020. Many took to Twitter to reaction to Netflix’s decision to cancel the show:

Screen-Shot-2019-03-14-at-7.37.35-PM Netflix Cancels Queer/Latinx Series One Day at a Time
Screen-Shot-2019-03-14-at-7.34.01-PM Netflix Cancels Queer/Latinx Series One Day at a Time
Screen-Shot-2019-03-14-at-7.39.15-PM Netflix Cancels Queer/Latinx Series One Day at a Time
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