End Brutal Violence Against Women


Target: Muhammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria

Goal: End the physical, sexual, and mental abuse of women.

Women and girls across Nigeria are being brutally raped, imprisoned in camps, and even abused by police. This mistreatment must come to an end.

Women are disproportionately subjected to sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and trafficking. Young girls are being forced into child marriages. Others are forced to endure genital mutilation. These terrors break international human rights laws. Women should be treated as equals, have a choice over their own bodies, be subject to equal legal rights, and be afforded an education.

The brutal mistreatment of women and girls in Nigeria must come to an end. Sign the petition to demand change.


Dear President Buhari,

Women and girls in Nigeria are being brutalized at an alarming rate. Subjected to torture, unfair legal treatment, and both sexual and physical abuse, they are being denied basic human rights in a serious breach of international law.

You have power to make a change. You have power to set a standard for how women in you nation should be treated. I demand you protect the women and girls of your country from abuse and torture at the hands of their fellow citizens.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: DFID – UK Department for International Development

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