I Am Jazz surgeon fired for posting pics of trans genitals on Instagram


Christopher Saldago was fired for the ‘disgusting’ posts on Instagram | Photo: Screenshot

A surgeon has fired for violating his patients’ privacy on Instagram.

Christopher Salgado, who worked at the University of Miami, was a genital reconstruction surgeon.

The surgeon was featured on the show I Am Jazz, featuring trans teen Jazz Jennings.

He also posted several ‘highly inappropriate’ posts on social media.

Surgeon loses job for shaping a heart out of a dissected woman’s penis

One post was a dissected penis of one of his patients,  arranged in the shape of a heart.

Posting it on Valentine’s Day, he said: ‘There are many ways to show your LOVE.’

He also shared videos of a patient’s ‘MTF vaginoplasty’. The surgeon also shared a video when he was constructing a patient’s ‘neoclitoris’.

In December 2018, he shared an image of a trans man’s scrotum cut open with testicle implants inside.

Salgado did not seek permission from the patients.

He also shared images and video from other plastic surgeries, like penis enlargement.

He also mocked other patients on social media

In one post, in which Salgado discussed a penis, he used the hashtag ‘asiancock’.

After being discovered, a petition was also sent to the American College of Surgeons.

The letter said: ‘Transgender patients are an incredibly vulnerable population as it relates to seeking medical care.

‘We experience violence, neglect, misgendering, sexual assault, and more.

‘To see a surgeon who claims to specialize in treating transgender patients using racist, homophobic, and transphobic hashtags like “asian dick,” “get that money,” “what the fuck is that” among many, many other horrifically inappropriate comments is beyond unacceptable.

‘Beyond unacceptable’

‘Beyond Dr Salgado’s blatant disrespect for trans people, his public vulgarity, lack of professionalism, and questionable ethics around patient privacy must be immediately addressed.’

Trans Advocate reports a dean at the medical school also described the posts as ‘disgusting’.

Lisa Worley, a spokeswoman for UHealth, issued a written statement: ‘Dr. Christopher Salgado is no longer employed by the university.

‘The University of Miami is committed to promoting and supporting diversity in its students, faculty, and staff and finds any transphobic comments unacceptable.’

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