Success: London Nurseries to Receive Crucial Air Purifiers

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Target: The Right Honourable Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Goal: Praise London for bringing crucial air purifiers to nurseries.

Five London nurseries will be given air purification systems months after reports and studies revealed alarming levels of air pollution in the city’s schools. According to these reports, the air inside the school buildings is actually more dangerous than the air outdoors, putting children at risk of health problems and reduced cognitive function. Mayor Sadiq Khan has deemed it “unacceptable” that so many young children are living with such a danger hanging over their heads.

London is one of the most polluted cities in Europe, with roughly 40,000 people dying of related complications such as asthma, stroke, and heart disease. A good number of these deaths have been young children living in and attending school in the city, thanks to the heavy traffic on the roads surrounding the schools. Calls to action such as this one on ForceChange have demanded the installation of air purifiers in these schools, and that call is being answered. The fact that this change will be made in schools for young and vulnerable toddlers and infants is especially good news, as children that young are most vulnerable to lung and heart complications during development.

This may only be one step in the fight for cleaner air in London, but it is an important one. Sign this petition to thank Mayor Khan for helping provide cleaner air to hundreds of young children and infants.


Dear Mayor Khan,

Your decision to put air purifiers in nurseries following reports of London schools’ heavy air pollution is most welcome. Children have been suffering the consequences of this pollution for years, with many developing asthma and other breathing issues or even dying as a result. London in general has a high concentration of death from pollution-related complications, and too many children have been among those deaths within the past year.

Your response to the reports of schools being even more polluted than outdoor areas has been anticipated since those reports came out. Thank you for recognizing the problem and helping to solve it; while this is only one step, it is a very important one. Thank you for helping protect children from further damage and potential death.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: NGerda

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