Protect Endangered Killer Whales from Deadly Pesticides


Target: Andrew R. Wheeler, Acting Administrator, EPA

Goal: Ban the use of deadly pesticides within the vicinity of endangered species’ habitats.

Puget Sound’s killer whales are facing the deadly consequences of dangerous pesticides. Despite other protections afforded to endangered species and their habitats, none enforce regulations against pesticides, a devastating cause of habitat destruction and species death.

Highly toxic pesticides have been shown to harm both humans and animals. Despite this, the Environmental Protection Agency has refused to act. It has not done its due diligence. It has approved over 1,100 pesticides, despite known dangers to hundreds of endangered species, like the Puget Sound killer whales. The pesticides pollute their water, poisoning them and sentencing them to death.

Sign the petition to demand that the EPA due its duty. Demand it ban chemicals and pesticides from being used withing close proximity to the habitats of endangered species.


Dear Mr. Wheeler,

The endangered Puget Sound killer whale is under attack. Over 1,100 toxic pesticides are allowed to be sprayed within close proximity to its waters, poisoning them. This endangered species will not survive such an attack.

You have a duty to protect the endangered species of this country and the land they call home. However, this is a duty you have thus far failed in. I demand you ban pesticide use within range of endangered species and their habitats.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: U.S. Forest Service – Pacific Northwest Region

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