Stand up “comedy “ made empowering than ever before.


Thank you Hannah Gadsby, who has happened to be rape survivor, a human who has been made to feel guilty for being lesbian, a human who made jokes on her identity for survival, a human who regrets being self – depreciating, a human who stated that women are not flesh vases for their dick flowers, a human WHO THINKS THERE’S NOTHING STRONGER THAN A WOMAN WHO HAS BEEN BROKEN AND REBUILDS HERSELF. Lastly, she is a HUMAN before a woman, lesbian, comedian and all she asked is to consider that fact first before everything else.

After her introduction let me tell you all, the reasons why I had to thank her.

As Hannah feels baby steps are always a good idea, let me follow that. Colour BLUE which apparently, always had a man’s tag on it was never really his representation. Thank you Gadsby for clearing the clouds on this fact in a humours way possible [Of course, if your new born baby girl is bald you need not put a pink band on her head to let the world know she’s girl]

Thank you for helping us understand the fact that lesbian or gay jokes are as inhumane as jokes on one’s identity for being straight.

Thank you for feeding us with the reality of how old western art and modern art romanticizes men taking control over women’s bodies, lives, was never really romantic.

Hannah, thank you for widening our vision on the context of struggle of being the “other gender” in this world which preaches humanity and love, by laying the most inhuman foundation of rules and beliefs.

Thank you for reminding us how important was it to talk about right “connections”

Thank you Hannah Gadsby and SORRY for being a part of this world which never really made efforts to live life in your shoes, for once

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