Gay man’s transformation photo goes viral


Dusty Fuller, aged 29 (left), and now, aged 34 (right) (Photo: @Cubby_84 | Twitter)

A gay man’s transformation photos have gone viral. However, although most body transformation comparison shots show someone slimming down, Dusty Fuller’s go in the opposite direction. And the vast majority of commentators approve.

Fuller went from having abs and being somewhat twinkish in his mid-20s, to being a full on hefty gay bear in his early 30s.

Now 34, the two photos are taken five years apart. He now weighs 275 lbs, on a 5’10” frame, approximately 100 lbs than the earlier shot.

The shot, posted to Twitter Wednesday, has been liked over 5,000 times, retweeted over 500 times and prompted hundreds of comments.

Fellow Twitter users have congratulated him on his ‘phenomenal’ new look. Others want to know how he achieved it.

Smalltown boy

Fuller, a Business Analyst, grew up in a small town in Nebraska but moved to Phoenix at 21 to escape smalltown life. He’s been married to his husband, Steve, for the past 2.5 years.

His body transformation raises questions about body positivity and healthy body goals. He was happy to tell Gay Star News about how he set about changing his appearance.

‘My weight gain was on purpose,’ he says when asked the motivating factor behind the change.

‘I used to strive to be a huge muscled dude with abs. I started lifting weights in 2012 and worked hard at lifting and counting calories and macros for a few years. However, I just wasn’t increasing my size like I wanted to.

‘I had always been envious of beefier muscled bears, so in 2015 I decided to go that route to increase my size… Adding both muscle and some chubbiness so I could get big.

‘I wanted to become a Bear. ’

Perhaps surprisingly, he says his ideal type of man, ‘is a leaner muscular guy, like my hubby!’ It wasn’t simply a case of transforming himself into the type of man he finds sexually attractive.

‘I am attracted to some bigger guys, mainly if they have some muscle on their frame too. However, I think a lot of it is more of an admiration than a sexual attraction.’

Dusty (right) and husband, Steve (left)

Dusty (right) and husband, Steve (left) (Photo: Supplied)

Putting on weight harder than some might imagine

Many might assume that putting on weight is easy, by Fuller says achieving a balance between chubbiness and muscle is far from easy.

‘It’s actually been a lot of work to achieve my appearance. I certainly haven’t “let myself go.” I don’t gain weight easily. It falls off if I only eat what I am hungry for, thanks to my fast metabolism.

‘I am in the gym lifting weights usually four days a week for 1-1.5 hours a day. I count calories and try to aim for around 4,000 to 5,000 a day. Eating that much can be exhausting at times.’

Health risks of transformation

Carrying around excess weight can have seriously detrimental implications on one’s health. Does Fuller consider himself ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’? And has his current body shape had any negative ramifications on his life?

‘I’m pretty healthy in general. I get routine labs and physicals. My cholesterol is fine. I do take a blood pressure med, but I needed that when I had abs, so it was inevitable.

‘I do struggle with bad knees, but it’s due to genetics. My thin family members have the same issue. I don’t think there are really any negative ramifications for me. If anything major came up, I’d lose some weight. My health takes priority over my weight and size.’

Fuller says he also aware of the risk of diabetes. An increase in weight, particularly around the abdominal region, can increase the risk of developing type II diabetes.

‘I watch my health closely so I’m aware of anything that may come up. I’m also careful with sugar intake to avoid such illnesses.’

Many of those who follow Fuller on Instagram and Twitter (where he has become active since Tumblr announced it was banning adult content), approve of his transformation. But how does he feel? Does he feel more attractive now to how he looked five years ago?

‘Depends on the situation. I feel like I fit in my own skin much better than I did before. If I’m at a bear event or circuit party, then yes. If I’m at a straight club, then no. But in general, I do feel more attractive.

Looking ahead

He says a couple of family members have told him he looked better when leaner, but most have not commented.

‘I haven’t heard anything negative from friends. I may have lost a couple shallow friends, but I’m very much okay with that!’

As for the future, ‘I’m looking to gain 5-10 more pounds, hopefully some of it being muscle. And then maintain what I have. I’m really happy with where I’m at now.’

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