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Target: Hugh Hurwitz, Director, Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)

Goal: Have jobs ready for people when they are released from prison.

Inmates released from prison have an extremely hard time finding jobs afterwards. The stigma of being a criminal follows them through life. It some ways this is a good thing…People should pay for the crimes they have committed. However, in order for the judicial and prison systems to work properly, they must prepare inmates to be a successful piece of the modern world.

Statistics show an unemployment rate of almost 30% of people who have been formerly incarcerated. This is higher than any unemployment rate in United States history, including the great depression. A huge amount of that 30% end up going back to prison. Sometimes the only option for these formerly incarcerated people is selling drugs or doing other illegal activities in order to earn money.

The way the system is set up now creates a feedback loop for criminals. The loop goes like this: Boy is born into a poor family and begins selling drugs in high school to keep up with rent and bills. Boy is caught, and sent to jail for selling drugs. Once released ten years later, man looks for employment. From there he can’t get a job as the “formerly incarcerated” label follows him through every application, and to every interview. Man is left with no options but to begin selling drugs again.

The only way to solve this problem that affects a huge amount of prisoners is to create a program that opens up career opportunities to the formerly incarcerated. The people who get locked up in prison should have a job waiting for them when they get out. This is not necessarily because these people deserve to have a job or have earned the opportunity. No, the reason is that it would benefit society and everyone involved. Former prisoners would not have to turn back to crime if they had a job doing construction, or at McDonald’s waiting for them the day they get out. Less crime benefits everybody living in the United States. Please sign the petition below to give people who have made mistakes in the past a second chance, and in turn make the United States a better place for every citizen.


Dear Mr. Hurwitz,

Prisoners who are freed from prison are labelled “formerly incarcerated” and because of this, have an extremely hard time finding jobs after they are released from prison. I urge you to begin lining up well-behaved prisoners for good jobs here in the United States. This would benefit every citizen, as criminals would have less incentive to commit more crimes with a job waiting for them when coming out of prison.

The fact that 3%0 of criminals are unemployed after serving their fair time is a travesty, and if you have any shred of compassion or hope for society you will begin to set up jobs immediately for inmates scheduled for release.


[Your Name Here].

Photo Credit: Riley Green

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