End Domestic Violence That Has Left 24 Women Dead in Israel – ForceChange

Target: Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

Goal: Take action and provide funding to prevent deadly domestic violence.

24 women and girls have been murdered this year as a result of domestic violence in Israel, according to Israeli media reports. Most recently, two girls were killed, causing a nationwide strike during which Israeli women protested against domestic violence and called for the government to take action and provide funding to deal with the issue. The protests involved women striking by staying home from work as well as demonstrating in the streets, sometimes resulting in street closures, and holding a moment of silence to mark the 24 deaths this year.

Protesters chanted outside of Jerusalem, addressing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “Bibi, wake up, our blood is not cheap.” They had also smeared red paint in the roads, symbolizing the blood shed. Netanyahu is spearheading the governmental committee to combat domestic violence and, in addressing the issue, said, “We will convene the committee time after time to bring a better future and hope for these women.”

Despite this optimistic message of dedication, protestors have accused the government of failing to fund programs that already exist to help stop domestic violence. Sign this petition to urge Prime Minister Netanyahu to hold true to his promise of taking action and providing funding to help stop domestic violence in Israel.


Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

Two Israeli girls recently died as a result of domestic violence. This raises the yearlong total of murders as a result of domestic violence to a staggering 24 women and girls. Women are protesting in the streets, demanding that the government help to protect them against domestic violence.

While you have taken it upon yourself to become the head of a committee that will aim to tackle this problem, it is not enough. Action is necessary, and funding for existing programs that are in place to help prevent domestic violence will be the quickest way to address a problem that is an immediate danger in the Israeli society. I urge you to take action and provide funding to help stop domestic violence.

Sincerely, [Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jim Hollander/EPA

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