CBS mistake Troye Sivan for ‘Pete Davidson lookalike’ in Thank U, Next vid

Troye Sivan and Pete Davidson | Photos: Capitol/SNL

CBS’s Inside Edition have mistaken Troye Sivan for a ‘Pete Davidson lookalike’ in Ariana Grande’s new video.

The Thank U, Next clip features Bloom singer Troye in a Mean Girls parody sequence.

Ariana, who is channeling Regina George from the movie, then pushes the star (who she duetted with this year on Dance To This) into a locker.

In their video analysis of the moment, the Inside Edition voiceover says: ‘It appears that she shoves a Pete Davidson lookalike.’

‘Then [Ariana] literally closes the book on their relationship,’ the voiceover continues.

SNL star Pete Davidson was of course briefly engaged to Ariana earlier this year.

He is one of four ex-boyfriends referenced in the ode to exes that has topped charts worldwide, including the US and the UK.

‘Troye, I’m sorry’

The outlet was of course epically dragged for the gaffe on social media.

‘A Pete Davidson look alike” LMFAOOOOO @troyesivan baby I’m so sorry’ said one Twitter user.

‘Troye Sivan didn’t start his career as a YouTuber and became a gay pop icon to be called a “Pete Davidson lookalike,”‘ said another.

‘Where does troye Sivan look like Pete Davidson show me cause I can’t see the resemblance,’ said a third.

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