An argument for franchising Gay and Lesbians in American Society


Speaking as someone who has grown up, lived in and spent a lot of time in the epicenter of arguably the most gay-friendly place in western civilization, I would like to share some of my perspective on the gay and lesbian issues in society. I read a lot on this subject and I understand some of the more logic behind a couple of the arguments against gay and lesbian franchising in society but don’t agree with a lot of it. I can only speak from experience.

I humbly believe anyone who sexually assaults a child or woman or anyone should be torn apart by wild hungry dogs for the amusement of spectators while sold on all pay per view and premium services.

However, in my experience as someone who has gone to college with, spent time with, had many friends who were gay or lesbian. They’re literally just people as based or as fucked up as where they come from and who they are as individuals.

There seems to be a lot of mystery of this reality to people not around these lifestyles. As someone who spent a lot of time in gay clubs as an outsider. Someone who made the mistake of wearing leather (only once… that is all it took) but was around this community a lot, casually. It is literally no more depraved or sinful than your average night at your shit-kicking redneck bar. I know because I spent a lot of a wayward youth in both.

I’ve had lesbians who’ve snuck me cocaine in college. I’ve had creative partners who were former navy seals while struggling with coming out of the closet. I’ve worked for gay and lesbian couples who were friends in an ocean of derelicts and untrustables.

I understand societal collapse and blah blah blah. But at the same time, does it matter if two people who love each other have the same rights as you and yours? I don’t like a lot of the gross aspects of gay culture. But at the same time, I don’t like a lot of the gross aspects of seafood cuisine.

My point is a person’s sexual interests are about as interesting as their culinary choices. Does Sam like anchovies on their pizza? That’s fucking disgusting but does this automatically mean they should be Democrat and have a whole bunch of prerequisite beliefs that make them a bad person if they don’t confine themselves within that stereotype as some anchovies-sucker? It’s just fucking pizza. Not politics. Should their eating an anchovies pizza or sucking dick effect their opinion on income taxes?

Just about all of the gay and lesbian people I have known in my life were the furthest things from stereotypes. They were just people. Most of whom, you’d probably never know they were gay or lesbian. I think by putting all this energy good or bad into the subject, it just makes an unnecessary fight. Real gay or lesbian people get tied up into a weird negative code they have to follow when they’re just trying to lead pragmatic lives.

Then you have mentally scrambled people trying to co-opt the label for whatever their mental illness or agenda is. This is evident by how there are billions of “alternative lifestyles” because being just gay or lesbian is too normalized now for these people. I can’t tell you how many “alternative lifestyle” individuals would pop out of the woodwork when a specific casting call went out or it would benefit them in some way, in my experience. People in straight monogamous relationships or other obvious tourists.

Yes, I deeply care about the perception of whatever your malfunction is and yes I obviously have the time and energy to waste on it instead of being productive in my daily life.

And honestly, who cares? When I was young, it used to be wild to be bi-sexual. Wow, you kiss girls at parties for attention. Cool? Now in current year, it’s whatever the fuck. Wow, you like fucking guys who look like Ed Asner while beating yourself in the head with a hammer on a live webcam and I’m a chauvinist if I think you have daddy issues? You also demand I use certain words, recognize whatever the fuck you’re calling this lifestyle and demand political representation? Cool? What do you think about income taxes?

Why am I supposed to care? The crazy people are just going to destroy their own lives. If religious people are right, these people practicing these lifestyles religious people don’t like are going to hell anyway. So why am I supposed to be mad or mean? Why shouldn’t they have an equal right to be miserable in marriage as the rest of us? Why wouldn’t I be friendly or welcoming to gays or lesbians? Especially when I have had a lot more problems with anchovies eaters than gays or lesbians in my life.

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