Megachurch Volunteer Accused Of Mass Molestation Of Boys

Jacob Robert Lee Hazlett (Image via mug shot)

A megachurch volunteer in South Carolina stands accused of molesting at least 14 preschool-aged boys, and there is apparently video to back up the charges …

Via True Crime Daily

Jacob Robert Lee Hazlett, 28, was charged Wednesday in connection to a 3-year-old boy who authorities said was sexually assaulted.

Now, the parents of another boy are filing a lawsuit that claims that NewSpring Church reviewed video footage that claims to have shown Hazlett sexually assaulting at least 14 boys.

The footage goes back 90 days and shows the suspect sexually assaulting the victims in the church’s bathroom, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also claims that the church security footage only goes back 90 days and that the church failed to properly screen and interview Hazlett.

I'm conused as to how the initial case came to light (did the child report that something happened? did the parents notice something amiss?), and I'm very confused how there is video surveillance inside a bathroom, but the headline is: Just because people say they're good Christians, that doesn't mean they're even good people.

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