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Goal: Invoice Walker, Governor of Alaska

Purpose: Encourage safety of walruses foraging in Alaskan village.

Roughly 200 walruses have crowded the seaside of a small Alaska village to forage for meals. This village appears to be the optimum foraging space for the creatures, who feed on the mollusks residing on the close by ocean. Walruses can spend as many as seven months looking for meals, particularly the bull walruses who present for his or her households.

Since 2017, the walrus has been particularly weak as a result of Trump administration’s refusal to place them on the endangered listing. The species is certainly endangered, with the variety of foraging walruses having dropped from 10,000 to as little as 2,000 for the reason that 1980s. Moreover, walruses are very simply scared off by any disturbances; noisy approaches by folks can startle them into stampedes that kill different wildlife, and continued disturbances by beachgoers or the noises related to human exercise can drive them away from the realm.

We should make sure that these walruses are strongly protected throughout their keep on this seaside, and through any subsequent returns, particularly after they’ve been denied authorized safety as an endangered species. Signal this petition to guard the walruses and assist grant them a straightforward time throughout their forages.


Expensive Governor Walker,

A big group of walruses has taken up residence on the seaside close to Port Heiden, the place they may spend the following a number of months foraging for meals. The species has been endangered for years, and is particularly weak now as a result of Trump administration’s refusal to place them on the endangered listing. They lack authorities safety, and may simply be scared away from their foraging and resting spots by extreme noise and crowds.

It’s essential to make sure that these walruses are protected throughout their keep right here, and through any subsequent returns. Their numbers have dropped drastically for the reason that 1980s, and they’re in want of additional safety on account of being left off the endangered listing. Please make sure that the village and surrounding space will accommodate these animals and permit them to forage safely and peacefully.

Sincerely, [Your Name Here]

Photograph Credit score: Joel Garlich Miller

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