Room With A View: Aggelos Konstantilieris In Modus Vivendi

(Pictures by Panos Misailidis for Modus Vivendi)

Aggelos Konstantilieris flaunts what he is acquired within the new Modus Vivendi Silk Line …

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Extra of This HOT Mannequin HERE!

Through press launch:

The Silk Line design has the luxurious items

you had been ready for to finish a sublime look that may make you proud.

It’s the extravagance of luxurious underwear and loungewear with Silk and Viscose cloth being the advocate of the road.

Its silk feeling together with some elegant styling creates a fancy resort assortment.

Expertise the comfortable, pure cloth in your physique, and we warranty the Silk line shall be your wardrobe’s delight.

The Silk line contains of, tanga, low minimize temporary, temporary, boxer, and tanktop.

Silks` fashion is contoured to supply final consolation with a sublime design made to make you’re feeling excessive finish.

Obtainable in black, white and grey the Silk line is all you want on your vacay assortment.

Silk Material: Silk 47% Viscose 47% Elastane 6% – Made in Greece

Silk is the King of all textile fibers and a pure surprise.

The actual silk cloth is 100% natural and fabricated from yarns produced of Silkworms breeding.

Statistics have proved that Silk materials create that nice coziness that makes folks really feel good.

The Modus Vivendi Silk line is accessible from €49.30.

Modus Vivendi
Photographer:  Panos Misailidis @p2photographygr
@konstantilieris & CHRIS KATSAVOCHRISTOS @christos_katsavo
Location: Halkidiki, Greece

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