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Goal: Doug Chin, Lawyer Normal of Hawaii

Objective: Assist Humane Society in punishing man who videotaped himself throwing a cat off a ledge.

The Hawaiian Humane Society is in scorching pursuit of the person who reportedly videotaped himself throwing a cat from a ledge. The footage popped up on social media, sparking outcry amongst viewers and animal welfare teams alike as they watched an harmless animal be thrown probably to his or her dying, whereas laughter could possibly be heard within the background. Thus far, there isn’t a phrase on whether or not the cat survived that stunt. The video has since been pulled from social media.

The truth that an individual would probably kill an harmless cat for affordable laughs and social media views is totally abhorrent. There isn’t any recognized cause for the person’s alleged habits past such assumptions, as folks harming animals for social media publicity has been a sadly frequent development prior to now a number of years. To those folks, animals are mere objects for use and abused nevertheless they please, moderately than dwelling creatures whose security and welfare matter as a lot as any human being’s. Even social media websites banning the posting of movies or images involving animal cruelty has not put a cease to this development.

The offender stays at massive and unidentified, and we should help each endeavor find and bringing him to justice. Signal this petition to make sure that this alleged cat-thrower faces the results of those horrific actions.


Pricey Lawyer Normal Chin,

Video footage of a person throwing a cat from a ledge has sparked outcry from the general public, even after the video was pulled from social media. The Humane Society is presently in scorching pursuit of this man, even providing massive money rewards to anybody with recommendations on how or the place to apprehend him. The person’s id is presently unknown, as is the destiny of the poor cat.

You could do every thing doable to assist within the seize of this man. He has reportedly dedicated a vile sin towards an harmless animal, collaborating in one of the crucial disturbing tendencies of animal cruelty throughout the previous few years. Whatever the cat’s destiny, she or he didn’t need to be handled in such a approach, and the offender should face justice for his actions. Be sure that this man is apprehended, dropped at trial instantly, and located responsible of animal abuse.

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Picture Credit score: Ben Kerckx

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