The LGBT Community and the Trump Administration

I chose to interview LGBT member Morgan Mcclain, Morgan has been a resident of Durango Colorado for now two years, I wanted to interview her because she had a very interesting story to me. I consider her a culture maker because of the current hatred against LGBT people and how surviving day to day is culturally significant of itself.

Preliminary questions

Question one: What is your name?

Question Two:How did you know you were a lesbian?

Question Three: What kind of reactions did you experience when you came out?

Question Four: With all of the hatred going around with the current administrations actions against LGBT people, its almost eerie how the past seems to repeat itself from past actions, how do you and other LGBT people fight all this hate?

Question Five: What advice would you give to you younger self?

Question Six: There is a staggering number of violence against LGBT people, especially those who are younger, which may force them into the closet. What advice would you give to anyone struggling to come out of the closet?

Question Seven: Do you have any future advice for your kids?

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