Why the LGBT Fight is Our Fight

This lecture was originally delivered at Stanford House, University of Oxford, on Thursday 5th December, 2019.On Being a Gay WriterI never wanted to be a gay writer. Growing up in Bristol, idly fantasising about one day finishing a…

Top 10 Male Nude Scenes Of 2019

MrMan's Top 10 Male Nude Scenes of 2019 are here, many of them are queer, but either way, we’ll never get used to it. These are the shocking scenes that rocked 2019. We’re talking everything from Zac Efron’s head-turning…

“Am I in Trouble?” – MyErotica.com

Ann gets into a sticky situation when hotel security sifts through her personal belongingsI must be rubbing off on the Missus. This hotwife extravaganza was inspired by a dream she woke up from much too early. Here’s what she missed.The…


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