Surely I Could Live With That – Sarah Mayes

Annotated readings of online dating profilesSo I swiped my way onto the dating profile of an exceptionally attractive woman…“Artist , musician , mother , monogamous . Practicing witch . Prefer someone with knowledge of the occult . Not…

I’m Trans. Would You Hire Me? – Cassius Lain

If gender doesn’t matter, why does mine?Photo by Liam Arning/UnsplashWe’re supportive, Mom and Sis said.I had finally opened up about my decision to transition. With an appointment set, in days I’d receive my first testosterone shot as I…

Desapaixonar – Juziescritor – Medium

“ I miss you in my front seat. Still got sand in my sweaters. From nights we don’t remember.” I Hate U, I Love U — GnashOs dias começam a passar mais devagar no início. Parece que o mundo ao redor se tornou cinza e que toda música que…


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